Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FPS Game Development Progress

Here is a little update on what I've been able to do in my game so far.

I did add the GUI by following the FPS tutorial on the Unity 3D web site but I could not get the script figured out for adding my Grenade launcher, you see in part one of the tutorial they show you how to make a grenade launcher, so I made a custom one with custom grenades as the tutorial yours just shoots spheres that explode, but mine I made nice custom grenades and tweaked the explosion using the "Detonator" add on pack in Unity. But in the later parts of the FPS tutorial series the don't use the grenade launcher any more for some strange reason so it's difficult for me to try and figure out how to add it, I have figured out how to add it to my player weapons list and I can easily select it when I want it, but I just can't, for now anyways figure out how to add it to my GUI script.

Next up on that Oh so fun list of game creation issues is the robot, for now I'm using the tutorial's robot as a learning too which I'll replace with my own crap later on when I feel comfortable enough with what I'm doing, but right now I can't get their blasted robot to work properly, as you can see in my top example he looks all sort of squished down for some reason, I've gone over that part of the tutorial 5 or six times following it to the letter and I still get the same problem... He follows me on sight OK and shoots and all that fun stuff, just when I add his animation script he ends up all fraked up??

While that hair puller has been giving me stress I did manage to get my exploding crates, just the big one to leave a nice damaged and burned out crate behind when they explode, big crates have more hit points so it takes a lot to destroy them, seemed logical to me.

I also added some nice light poles to my military base and added lights inside of the light hoods in both the hangar and Barracks.

My Machine gun's muzzle flash Is now working properly, something I'm not quite understanding in the tutorial which is probably something simple, but I'm missing it

Overall it's been both a frustrating and productive week.

UPDATE!! This morning I had an Eureka moment and figured out what was wrong with my robot. I figured that maybe if he gets all fraked up when I add his AIAnimation script that maybe the scale in my animations is not matching the scale of my robot in scene.... and yup, wouldn't you know it, that was it, problem solved on that hair pulling issue.

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