Thursday, November 25, 2010

More Toy Robot 3D Model Reproductions

Finished my toy Thunder Robot 3D reproduction a few weeks ago. He's pretty accurate given the reference images I was able to find through various searches on the big o'l WWW ;)
He's available on my Turbosquid. I made him high definition so he'll be very useful for high resolution 3D renderings. He's got all sorts of very fine details like seems in the tin and little metal tabs, even a detailed battery compartment which no one will probably ever need, but it's there all the same ;)

Moon stroller robot was next on my little evil agenda of vintage toy robot 3D models to make. I believe there were 4 different versions of this particular toy. Some were sold under various name like "Star Warrior" and others. This version I was able to find good reference images of so I made him. He's also made high definition and will be very excellent for high resolution 3D renderings.
Model is available on my Turbosquid.

Next up was this cute little Russian windup robot, another toy that I notice had been released under various names and sometimes with minor changes. He's made high definition with a great amount of detail like the little embossed arrow next to the windup key denoting which direction the key is to be turned and even the what I think is a Russian symbol or marking at the back of his head which can be removed if desired. This particular toy has a very heavy chrome finish that has ripples and bumps in it so I also gave him a bum map to help duplicate that surface effect.
This model also is available on my Turbosquid.

And lastly I created this cute little vintage windup Robot Space Dog also made high definition with a great deal of detail and high resolution UV maps to duplicate the lithograph. There were again several variations of this toy dog but I liked the red version best as it has a "Rover" name plate just under his chin that I really liked.

This model is also available on my Turbosquid. I just uploaded him this morning, I was going to do it last night before bed but I was bagged so he went up this morning instead. Now I'm creating a scene with this robot dog and the Russian windup robot and a glass city in the background, rendering right now, with all that glass in the city that sucker is going to go all day and then some in Bryce 7 :)

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