Thursday, November 11, 2010

Latest Projects

It's been a little while since I've updated my blog, with only 6 followers I get a little lazy, for that I must apologise. I've been getting a lot of new 3D model projects done lately, first up in my latest creations is a new cartoon Beaver Character.

I finished him up a couple of weeks back he's available on my Turbosquid

Next project I finished up was a spooky old graveyard just in time for Halloween:
I love this one, lots of cool little details went into this one, a freshly dug grave, detailed old headstones, a spooky looking dead tree, even a brocken iron fence. Model also available on my Turbosquid

Another project also finished up were these tasty looking 3D donuts complete with wax paper, sprinkles, icing and one with a bite out of it, even has some loose crumbs and fallen sprinkles. Model also available on my Turbosquid.

Next up, a barbed wire barricade for battlefield scenes, I've been slowly working on a series of battlefield ellements for dressing up your 3D scenes with. These are simple props that can be copied and pasted and re-aranged a little to make the barricade longer if needed. Model also available on my Turbosquid.

Next up is a project I had been working on a couple of years ago but almost abandoned it because the polygon count was getting kinda nutty, but I picked it up again this past week and decided to finish it up. And this model is now also available on my Turbosquid.

And finally, whew getting there folks for my big blog update. Now this is another project that almost got abandoned because I was having a REALLY tough time trying to create the main body shape of this particular toy robot, called a "Thunder Robot." Yup this was another project that was started a good cuple of years ago that I kept revisiting from time to time only to end in frustration at not being able to get the body to look right, you would think the shape is pretty simple until you actually start working at it, well... maybe for some 3D wizards out there it might have been a snap but I struggled with it, and then only a cuple of days ago I finally had an Ereka moment lol.

As you can see he's only partially finished, I'm hoping to have this one done by the end of the weekend if all goes well. But he's comming along nicely now, he's got all sorts uf awesome details like the little tabs that hold his body parts together, a batter compartment that will actually open, clear plastic parts that lights can be placed inside of, fully animatible limbs, a rotating antena, you name it, this guy is shaping up super sweet. I guess he's making up for all that hair pulling he caused me a cuple of years ago lol

And finally for those that follow my blog for the Zentai stuff, you'll be pleased to hears that I bought a new Zentai suit that is metalic black with a snakeskin pattern on it, vry cool looking suit that I'm hoping to do some shots with soon and after winter is good and over I'll see about doing some outdoor shoots with it.

Well I guess that about wraps up this little report for now, so till next time :)

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