Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 2nd Zentai Shoot

Here are my pics from my trip out to my favorite isolated grassy field. I love this location because it's only accessible by either walking or on bike and realistically approachable from only one side as all the other sides are either elevated train tracks and an industrial complex which is all fenced it, the only other access point has a good deep marshy ditch running alongside the path which makes this field perfect for not being disturbed unlike some of my other favorite locations which are a bit more public. There is another location close by this one I was hoping to check out this weekend, but as luck would have it we are supposed to be in for more rain. :( Good thing I've managed to get out a fair amount this week. Makes me wish I had spent more time here... but lunch was calling and it was already 12:20 PM :)

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