Sunday, May 23, 2010

Zentai and the Bike

As promised in my last posting these are my shots of my Black Zentai with my bike. In an effort to come up with interesting images for my online shops; Zazzle, Cafe Press and Red Bubble, I've been out scouting out hopefully interesting locations that are a little off the beaten path so to speak that I can take some Zentai shots. I would love to get some color suits outdoors more but this is kind of strange, I notice that people look at me funny when I'm wearing a colored Zentai, but not as much at all when I'm wearing black, isn't that an odd thing that color should make all that much difference, maybe it's psychological or something, sounds like a human nature study to be done there I guess lol. Of couse that being said I am planning to go out on Canada Day in my Red Zentai with my "Canadian Kick Ass" T-shirt that I picked up from my Zazzle shop. I'm thinking that should be fun and hopefully given the holiday, totally acceptable lol, this is the suit that will have the eye holes open that I plan on sewing sunglass lenses onto... give it a sort of "Spidy" look.

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