Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today is my Birthday

Holy crap! Can you believe it!!!... Another year and another year older. It's official! I'm 46 today!! Funny... I don't feel any different lol. The time sure goes by fast, the fact that we've had one of the crappiest summers has not helped a whole lot either. Oh well, we take what we can get I guess. lol
I had gone out this weekend and shot a whole series of new image stock for my Zentai Sci-Fi artworks, amazingly Istock accepted some as image stock, Yayyyy!! About time too, they are so hypercritical of what they call image stock lol.... anyways... very happy that some got into my portfolio of image stock there. What they don't accept I'll toss up on my Deviant Art, but it won't be licenced as image stock so God help the schmuck that uses it for anything commercial lol.


Rayner said...

hey man, congratulations for your birthday, I hope there are more to come for you, great costumes and the blasters are beautiful, kudos for you ;)

Zentai Guy said...

Thanks Rayner, I sure hope so too :D
There is another Nurf Dart Gun I'm dying to get and repaint... a big nasty looking one too :D