Sunday, August 2, 2009

Robot Fighter

Well I managed to bang one of my retro styled sci-fi images off this week using one of the images from my "Robot Fighter poses" shot out at Little Mountain Park a few weekends back. I did a lot of heavy editing in Photoshop before taking it into painter to paint over a good deal of the image to make it more illustrated like. I'm working on a fake pulp cover using this image too which should be done soon. As it is right now I'm just getting ready to head out there again and do another set using a new laser blaster prop I made from a toy nurf gun I found at Dollarama a couple of Weeks back that I finally got around to reworking a little and re painting it. "Noisy Cricket" type small and deadly, I'm calling it "The Sizzler" taken from a book I read recently called "The Tartarus Incident." Hopefully the weather holds, they are calling for a 60 percent chance of rain for this afternoon so that might cut my plans to shreds ;)

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