Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Blaster Prop

I found two new cool looking toy Nurf Air Dart Guns at Toys R Us. I've repainted one of them so far. I'm not sure how I'll paint the twin, perhaps the same way just for uniformity sake. I'm thinking these will make awesome props for my Sci-Fi Zentai photo shoots. We've had crappy weather lately so I've not had many opportunities to get out for a bike ride to any of my favorite spots to do some shots... Hopefully soon though, I'm anxious to get some cool action shots with two of these guns.


Rayner said...

nice blaster, i do a rapid check of your blog, great pictures. I´m a begginer in the zentai world, and found very good your blog, sorry my bad english.

Zentai Guy said...

Thanks Rayner,
I have another blaster I'm painting up to look more real for my Zentai/Sci-Fi art. Welcome to the World of Zentai :D