Monday, July 6, 2009

New Zentai Pictures

I went out bike riding on Sunday and took a packed lunch, my camera, Alien mask and my blaster prop up to Airforce Way and enjoyed the afternoon taking pictures. I managed to get some really cool shots by some of the aircraft on display there, a few alien Zentai shots in front of the CP-121 tracker aircraft and a few under a CF-100 canuck jet. Those were fun to do. I stopped to have some lunch and then did a set behind a CX-144 Challenger aircraft, some awesome shots there with my blaster prop and my black metallic Zentai suit. Finished up by the big green power boxes where I maned to get some cool action poses with the blaster prop, lol you might notice that the scope is missing, that's because when I left my house through the back gate I smacked my pack against the fence post and broke the scope off :(, Oh well, I've been meaning to mount that on better anyways ;)

You can see the whole set on my various profiles and galleries, Deviant Art, Picture Social, MySpace, Flickr. I might make them available on postcards and poster sometime soon and some of them I have no doubt that I'll tart them up a bit in Photoshop and Painter and turn them into something really sci-fi and cool.

There was not a lot of people out there on a Sunday so it was pretty quiet but still a lot of people playing golf (There is a golf course on both sides of Airforce Way). It's funny, people pass by in cars and slow down a little (If they notice) to get a better look, at one point a police car came by and there's me standing there by an aircraft in my Zentai with my big blaster in hand, so I waved to the police, they waved back and carried on about their business, I thought that was funny and you might get a kick out of it.

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