Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New T-Shirt Design Aliens Got Class

"Aliens Got Class" is the title of my latest design for T-Shirts and many other products available in my online shops. I would like to give my friend Mark special thanks for giving me the idea for this design last weekend when we went out to the Toad to sit out on the patio and tip back a few frosty cold McKewans and enjoy a somwwhat rainy Friday. On our way home from the pub Mark says; "I've got and idea for a T-shirt." I laughed my ass off and said; That's great! I'll get to work on that one right away.
Mark will be happy to learn that the design won a Todays Best Award on Zazzle.
T-Shirts and other products with this design are available from:

Cafe Press:


Red Bubble


Eric said...

Now that's a great picture. Of coures, why does it have to be one of the little green men with the big heads? Couldn't be a Star Wars or Star Trek-type alien?

Zentai Guy said...

lol it could have been but I kinda have a secret arangement with our lil grey friends ;)