Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A new Year Begins my top 10 Resolutions

A new year is about to begin, lots of new years resolutions, some realistic, some maybe not so but I'll work on them anyways. Here is my list lol

1- Try to create more marketable 3D models for TS (Sci-fi stuff is fun but the idea here is to make some $$$)

2- Become WAY more flexible. (Flexibility is healthy, good for ya and I'll be able to do some more interesting Zentai poses with increased flexibility. I'm well on my way with that as I'm already much more flexible than I used to be)

3- Try to lay off the junk food more (lol I love my snacks like my chippies and soda pop, but this year I'm going to try for more healthier snack foods for when I'm watching my movies, for instance instead of that whole bag of Doritos I chow down I'll substitute for some Tostitos rounds with a fresh avocado, lemon and garlic dip, I bought me a brand new chopper so I can make my own dips lol)

4- Exercising even when it's like -33 outside. (That cold weather we have been getting is REALLY a bummer, more that windchill factor, if not for that it would be not that bad out some days, this year has been WAY colder than last year, Brrrrr... lol, and I swear I sometimes use it as an excuse not to go out, what I need to start doing when it's too cold out to go for a run is to do my 20 to 30 minutes of stretching exercises, some lifting weights, hop in the shower and then go out for a walk to the Forks and back, that way if it's cold out I can just get all bundled up snug and warm, lol that's where my 30 foot Dr. Who scarf comes in handy lol)

5- Try to create more stock art for Istock (Oh it's tough getting things past their evil image inspectors :giggle:)

6- Try to find a good quality Snakeskin Zentai suit (I have no idea why I am having such a tough time with that??)

7- Create more T-shirt designs for my online shops (I have a few little thumbnail sketches already drawn up, I just have to hunker down and whip them out, but more baby more, there is an honest buck to be made there and I have a head full of wicked T-Shirt design ideas for the new year lol)

8- Read more (I swear my brain is turning to mush with all the crap I watch on T.V. or the "Idiot Box" as my late father used to call it lol, God rest his soul, he'd be turning over in his grave if he saw the crap that is on these days, it's all that demoralizing reality TV crap that teaches people how to lie, cheat, steal, and basically BS there way through life :( And I have a boatload of UFO books I haven't even started to read!! Sheesh!)

9- Do more traditional art. (I've been tinkering around with my traditional art a bit lately, I got an AWESOME artist starter kit for Christmas, a Daler Rowney Artsphere workstation, loads of Art Canvas, Acrylic Paints, Brushes, etcetera so I have NO excuse now lol)

10- And finally ringing in at number 10 get myself a hot lil Asian Ballerina Cutie to be my new Girlfriend so I can spank her cute little bottom lol)

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