Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cold Weather

Well I finally finished all my Christmas shopping lol the only thing I need, well want to pick up is a nice Plum Pudding and some Custard from the Bay downtown sometime this week ;) lol I guess I'll have to do some extra running and exercise to work off that ;)

Yesterday it was so cold out when I went out for my morning run around 9:30 ish, I'm not even sure what possesed me to decide to go out, I guess because the Weather network said it was only -16 out, but it was that windchill and snow that made it so butt freezing cold out, It sure makes you want to keep moving when it's that cold out though I'll tell ya lol I ran all the way to the Forks Market and a good half of the way back with no rest stops, too cold to stop lol. With it snowing out it sure looked beautiful, it was that light sort of snow that kind of glitters as it falls, I love that, it always reminds me of Christmas. I was going to take some pictures along the Forks River trail yesterday in the snow but like I say it was just to cold to stop and fiddle about with my camera... looking back now I wish I had cause it REALLY looked beautiful along the River trail :(. Oh well... I'll catch it again like that only this time on a nicer day.

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